Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco, country of Imazighens! The history of Moroccan cuisine, which is of Imazighens (Swassa, Ryafa and Zayanes), Jews, Andaloussi and Sahrawi origins, stretches back for several centuries and was able to adapt itself to changes and different modern ingredients from period to period. Moroccan cuisine is rated among one of the most cleverly balanced cuisines, with strong focus on rich flavours, aromas, texture, presentation, and perfect choice of spices and fresh ingredients, thus leading Moroccans to pride themselves on eating tasty, delicious and traditional food on a daily basis. Several Moroccan dishes have become increasingly popular now in other parts of the world (North of America, Australia and Western Europe) and it is no surprise that some neighbouring African countries have adopted the Moroccan Style Flavour. Welcome to my Blog!

19 Jun 2011

فْقّاسْ مالْحْ / Mini-Fe9ass ou Fekass Marocain au Fromage et Olives Noires/ Moroccan Cheese & Olive Mini-Fa9ass (Fakass)

فْقّاسْ مالْحْ

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K. El Mary, Mamatkamal
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