Violet and Mint French Macarons / Macarons Français Violets et à la Menthe

I should have posted these a long time ago. I made those mint-violet macarons quite a few weeks ago, but I haven't had the time to post them. Whenever I decide to make macarons, I always seem to make them after 8h00 pm or when it's raining or worst, on a hot humid day. When I decide to make macarons, nothing could change my mind.  So I decided to make these treats, so be it.

This particular Spring, for some reasons, has been more humid than any I can recall. So I was patient, waiting to pick the least humid day, but all days were almost the same, either humid or very humid, so I chose a humid day which resulted in egg whites that were super-aged because I had to wait extra couple of days to make these macarons. So I added more cream of tartar as usual to my meringue to make me feel more confident and to give the batter more stability.

 For Violet Macarons, I added some grape-violet food colouring and for Mint Macarons, I used holly green food colouring and a pinch of ground dried mint leaves for extra boost of freshnes.  I particularly enjoyed these mint macarons, the flavour combination of chocolate and mint reminded me of Thorntons‘ Mint Chocolate Bars, so yummy!  As a filling, I used chocolate ganache, and the macarons themselves had developped a creamy, jelly-like texture that fused with the chocolate ganache in the center.

For recipe, I always use my usual recipe adapted from La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons.....


ann low said…
Looking at your macarons make me drool! Great combination and I'm sure nobody can resist these beautiful macarons :)
Anonymous said…
Ryougnaaaaaaa dayzin hbiba malki achno darna lik . jaw ghzalinnnnnn
soumiya et aziza arach
Mehjabeen Arif said…
Just Yummy !!

New to ur space and a Happy New Follower :)

Do visit me space as time permits
Nadji said…
Des macarons très bien réussis.
Ca me donne envie d'en faire.
A très bientôt.
Rosita Vargas said…
Se ven muy ricos y lindos la combinación es agradable y original,una receta muy buena, voy a prepararla,cariños y abrazos.
Oumsara Ilham said…
maachallah 3lik,kimal3ada tes macarons kay7m9o,jawe ghzaline,tbarkellah 3lik hbiba,allah yehafdik o yekhallilik hadok idiyat,maachallah
NB:fin ghbourik !!!!!!??????

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