In memory of my mum! Khbiza O Zbida! Bread and Butter Sandwich!

That was my favourite childhood sandwich, known in Morocco as “Khbiza O Zbida” = {Khbiza means Bread and Zbida means traditional butter}. Nothing fancy, only bread and traditional butter, but I was always delighted when my mum got to make one for me. This sandwich goes only with one type of bread, the yeasty goodness of fresh, hot home-made bread. I liked mine to get nice and dark crust and the butter had to be oozing out.

I made it through geometry thanks to my mum's sandwich.  I have been good at math but I sucked when it came to spacial reasoning. I violently hated calculus and physics and I couldn't visualize any of the shapes because of my bad spacial reasoning. I dreaded angles, slopes, coordinates..... I thought they were aliens. It didn't help that my brother, who was three years older than me, who happened to have the same geometry teacher as me in high school, and he was genius in spacial reasoning, he was at the top of his class in geometry, algebra, physics ... , and his scores were (A*****).  Geometry teacher had always to comment on my poor scores whenever he handed them to me: “Ask your brother to help you, you're lucky to have such a brother". I would look at him, nodding my head and grinning sheepishly.

I remember my geometry class was always before my morning breaks which were at 10h. Since I refused to have my breakfast in the morning, my mum always made my favourite sandwich to eat at break time.  After geometry class, I was always hungry, grumpy and dizzy. Actually, I never knew if it was geometry or rather hypoplycemia that was causing me all the headache and the bad mood. Then at break time, nothing could made me feel better than my mum's sandwich, wrapped in foil aluminium paper. I would quickly pull my sandwich out of its paper, smell Zabda Baldiya, and knew instantly it was my mum's lovely sandwich “Khbiza o Zbida”. Thanks to mum I finally passed geometry, painfully slowly, and most importantly learned how to make the most delicious sandwich of my childhood. Thanks mum! 
K. El Mary


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