11 Sep 2014

European Macarons /Macarons Européens

The first time I tasted macaroons, I was in USA.  They are very delicious cookies, known as American coconut macaroon.  Then a few years ago, I went to France, it was my first trip to Paris.  Wowww, I still remember all those oh-la-la-so-French, exceptionally delicate almond meringue sandwich cookies in many Patisseries windows. I literally gasped when I saw those incredible macarons and I couldn't resist them! So creative, stunning and fashionable. Everything about them sounded perfect : the colour, taste, flavour, filling, etc .......

I seemed to have bought everything they have in those Patisserie. I started to buy a tin of macarons from here and from there. The pistachio macarons were delicious, I loved their taste and colour, but I will never forget those red-chocolate chili macarons! How could I?

Later back home, an Italian friend told me that in fact, they are ITALIAN MACARONS!  Well, since I know nothing about European Food History, I will call them EUROPEAN MACARONS to please both our European Neighbours.

Last week, the "Défi culinaire du mois de novembre 2009" was hosted by Nadia73 of Thé à la menthe du Maroc: http://thealamenthedumaroc.over-blog.fr/.   We were given one month to make perfect macarons. Everyone at  Cuisine entre nous femmes  is hooked on "MACARONS". All members agreed to focus on those lovely almond bites during the whole month of November of this year, and there is still a lot of discussion going on about MACARONS: the how, the why, etc...

For recipe, I always use my usual recipe adapted from La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons!.

These are the  equipments I use to make macarons
Je vous montre ce que j'utilise pour réaliser les macarons

My electric mixer, bowl, silicone spatula and pastry bag
Mon batteur electrique, bol,  poche à douille et spatule en silicone

Food processor
Robot culinaire
Parchment paper et silicone baking mat
Papier parchemin  et tapis de silicone 
 2 Baking Sheet 
2 Plaque à pâtisserie 

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