11 Sep 2014

French Heart-Shaped and Dark Macarons/Macarons Français Coeurs et Noirs For Mactweets Challenge!

I was planning to make these macarons for Mac Attack 3 last week, but I was hesitant for one reason: THE WEATHER.  Last week the weather was horrible; it was pouring and snowing outside, then I decided to start making my first batch of heart-shaped macarons.  I chose pink powder colour.  I never tried this shape before, it was a big challenge for me!  However, I was disappointed with the filling, because the butter cream I bought, as you may see in the picture, breaks.  It must be made with margarine instead of real butter.  This will teach me to make my own butter cream next time.

Then, I made my second batch of chocolate heart-shaped macarons, and they turned out so perfect and nice!  All of them got eaten with delight and I couldn't take a picture of sandwitched chocolat heart-shaped macarons.  The other thing that I wanted to try is THE BLACK MACARONS!  I don't have a black powder colour and I couldn't find it anywhere.  Then I tried a combination of 3 different colours: Purple, Green and Red.  To my surprise it worked.

Part of the Mactweets challenge that Deeba and Jamie are hosting, I made all these macarons. The January Mactweets challenge was "DO SOMETHING OR ADD SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE BUT HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY".

For recipe, I always use my usual recipe adapted from La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons!.


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