11 Sep 2014

French Coffee Macarons/Macarons Français Au Café/For Mac Attack 7

This month's challenge at Mac attack is "MacTell Me A Story!" and our favourite book as a child. Mine,  was "One thousand and one nights"‎.  I basically grew up on this book.

Shahrazad or Chahrasad, who was married to the mad King Shahrayar took me to her wonderful tales of the Arabian nights, a world where I enjoyed reading about Ali Baba, the Forty Thieves, Sindibad, Aladdin and the magic lamp and many other mystical creatures.  I saw Shahrazad as a great heroine, who succeeded to entertain the mad Sultan with adventures, and who  saved her own life as well as the female population through storytelling.  So I made these coffee macarons for Shahrazad and her King who was sleepless  and restless, yet pleased with the prospect of hearing her endless stories.

I’m submitting this post to MACTWEETS, a LOVELY BLOG devoted to MACARONS. Please check it out! The round up will be posted on the 15th of May.

For recipe, I always use my usual recipe adapted from La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons!.

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