11 Sep 2014

French Chocolate and Almond Macarons / Macarons Français aux Chocolat et Amandes/Mac Attack #18

My love for chocolate gets me back to Mactweet attack! I really heart chocolate and my favourite is Dark Chocolate with Almonds! And who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and almonds?  I think chocolate is one of the most mysterious sweets and so many questions were raised about the industry of chocolate, its consistency, texture, flavour, its secrets, etc.....  I served those macarons on Chocolate Dessert Cups with Strawberry and Moroccan Almond Briwat or Triangles! So delicious!

Recipe, adapted from David Lebovitz's superb recipe PLEASE CLICK HERE! .. .

And this is Moroccan Almond Briwat or Triangle.  It is stuffed with ground almonds mixed with some special spices, DELICIOUS!
This month's challenge at Mac attack is "DECADENTLY CHOCOLATE!"
All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
Charles M. Schulz". 

So as part of the Mactweets challenge that Deeba and Jamie are hosting, I made these macarons.  I’m submitting this post to MACTWEETS, a LOVELY BLOG devoted to MACARONS. Please check it out! The round up will be posted on the 1st of May on Mactweets Blog !

I served those macarons on chocolate dessert cups that I made / J'ai servi ces macarons dans des caissettes en chocolat dessert que j'ai préparées

As filling, I used amlou chocolate ganache and sprinkled of some flaked almonds on top / Comme ganache, j'ai opté pour un mélange chocolat et amlou et j'ai décoré avec quelques amandes concassées.  J'ai servi mes macarons avec des Briwat ou Briouat ou Triangles Marocaines aux amandes.  Un vrai régal!
Below, is the filling recipe!/ Ci-bas, vous trouverez la recette du ganache!

Amlou Chocolate Ganache or Filling / Ganache au Chocolat à base d'Amlou

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