11 Sep 2014

Violet and Mint French Macarons / Macarons Français Violets et à la Menthe

I should have posted these a long time ago. I made those mint-violet macarons quite a few weeks ago, but I haven't had the time to post them. Whenever I decide to make macarons, I always seem to make them after 8h00 pm or when it's raining or worst, on a hot humid day. When I decide to make macarons, nothing could change my mind.  So I decided to make these treats, so be it.

This particular Spring, for some reasons, has been more humid than any I can recall. So I was patient, waiting to pick the least humid day, but all days were almost the same, either humid or very humid, so I chose a humid day which resulted in egg whites that were super-aged because I had to wait extra couple of days to make these macarons. So I added more cream of tartar as usual to my meringue to make me feel more confident and to give the batter more stability.

 For Violet Macarons, I added some grape-violet food colouring and for Mint Macarons, I used holly green food colouring and a pinch of ground dried mint leaves for extra boost of freshnes.  I particularly enjoyed these mint macarons, the flavour combination of chocolate and mint reminded me of Thorntons‘ Mint Chocolate Bars, so yummy!  As a filling, I used chocolate ganache, and the macarons themselves had developped a creamy, jelly-like texture that fused with the chocolate ganache in the center.

For recipe, I always use my usual recipe adapted from La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons.....

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