5 Jun 2011

خبز الفورْسْ/Moroccan White Bread / Pain Blanc Marocain

I am trying to eat more wheat and I hate to say that, but I love my white bread! White bread tastes the best, oh yes, I know most of you will totally disagree with me.  When it comes to white vs brown bread, there are so many books and food critics who consider white bread to be BAD and unfortunately, they are right.  White bread is unquestionably the worst bread for the human body to try and digest.

So should we cut white bread out completely? Personally, I think moderation is the key, I'll have 1 cheat per month where I will bake my lovely white bread, change my diet, "shock" my body and I'm not going put on 40 kgs in one day/month. Same as when I'm on vacation, I'm not too strict, I will completely vary my diet, eat and enjoy the local food. It's the same as drinking a coke and full sugar drinks, etc...  You can't maintain a healthy lifestyle without having occasional cheats, we are only human after all!

This particular, delicious, home-style bread, makes an excellent accompaniment to all Moroccan Tagines (Tajines) or any other Moroccan style spicy dishes, or just with some nice butter and Moroccan Mint Tea.

I’m submitting this post to Susan's Yeastspotting, a blog devoted to yeast bread food. Please check it out!

Here is the recipe / Voici la recette:

This recipe yields 3 to 4 small circle bread / Pour 3 à 4 petits pains suivant la taille des boules de pâte.
Preparation Time: 0 h 20 minutes / Temps de préparation: 0 h 20 minutes
Time to let the dough rest: 1 h 40 minutes  / Repos : 1 h 40 minutes 
Cook Time:  0 h 30 minutes / Temps de cuisson: 0 h 30 minutes
Total Time:  2 h 30  minutes / Temps total : 2 h 30 minutes


-400 gr strong white flour / 400 gr farine blanche

-Some salt to taste / Un peu de sel selon le goût

-60 ml olive oil / 60 ml d'huile d'olive

-5 ml (1 teaspoon) of dried active yeast, but you might use fresh yeast as well, but I think you have to put more than 5 ml if the fresh yeast is used /  5 ml (1 c à thé ou à café) de la levure sèche active, mais vous pouvez aussi utiliser la levure fraîche, mais je crois que vous devez mettre plus que 5 ml dans ce cas .

-240 ml warm water to make the dough + 30 ml to dilute the yeast  / 240 ml de l'eau tiède pour former une pâte + 30 ml pour diluer la levure

-1 tablespoon honey / 1 c à soupe de miel

-30 ml Khmira or 5mira Baldiya known as Sourdough Starter or Le levain traditionnel / 30 ml de Khmira or 5mira Baldiya, qui est le Levain traditionnel ou Sourdough Starter.

Method / Préparation:

1-Put yeast and 30 ml warm water in a bowl, mix well, cover and leave until bubbles appear on the surface (about 15 minutes). / Diluer la levure avec 30 ml de l'eau tiède.  Bien mélanger et laisser reposer environ 15 minutes. Normalement, il doit y avoir des bulbes qui se forment à la surface du mélange de la levure.

2-Mix the flour, salt, honey and oil in a kasriya (9asria) or a large bowl, make a well in the centre and add the yeast mixture, then mix well with your hands, adding gradually warm water. Knead well to a soft dough and knead for about 15 minutes, adding gradually warm water.  The dough should be smooth, elastic and soft but not sticky. If it turns out too sticky to work with, just add some flour and keep kneading.  If the dough feels a bit stiff, work in additional water, small quantity at a time and keep kneading.  / Dans une Kasriya (9asria) ou un grand bol, mélanger farine, sel, huile et miel, puis faire une fontaine au milieu, ajouter la levure et bien pétrir à la main, en ajoutant graduellement de l'eau tiède pour former une pâte .  Bien pétrir environ 15 minutes ou jusqu'à que la pâte soit souple et lisse mais pas collante.  Si elle est collante, ajouter un peu de farine et continuer à pétrir mais si elle est dure, ajouter un peu de l'eau et pétrir de nouveau quelques minutes.

3-Cover the dough and allow to rest for 20 minutes. / Couvrir la pâte et laisser reposer pendant 20 minutes.

4-Gently punch the dough down to release any air bubbles and divide it into 4 equal balls. Cover and leave them to rest for another 20 minutes./ Dégaser délicatement la pâte puis la diviser en 4 boules de dimension égales.  Couvrir et laisser reposer environ 20 minutes.

5-Roll out each ball into a thin circle about 0.3 cm / Etaler progressivement les boules en cercles sur une épaisseur de 0.3 cm environ.

6-Transfer the bread to a slightly greased or floured bread baking sheet.  Cover with a clean, dry cloth and let it rise for 45 minutes to 1 hour. / Transférer le pain sur une plaque allant au four légerement huilée ou farinée.  Couvrir avec un torchon propre et sec. Laisser reposer entre 45 minutes à 1 heure.

7-Preheat oven at 220°C fan  / or 240°C / or 475°F / or gas mark 9 / Préchauffer le four à 220°C, équipé de système de ventilation / ou 240°C / ou 475°F / ou 9 th

8-Make slashes or poke the bread with a fork or knife . / Faire des incisions ou piquer avec une fourchette ou couteau.

9-Bake the bread for about 30 to 45 minutes or until it’s golden brown./ Cuire le pain pendant 30 à 45 minutes ou jusqu'à qu'il soit bien doré.

10-Transfer the cooked bread to a rack to cool. / Laisser refroidir le pain sur une grille après la cuisson.

11-Store the cooked bread between kitchen towels to keep warm./ Couvrir le pain avec un torchon propre pour les garder au chaud.


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Fíjate que yo como de todo pan,pero siempre me recomiendan el centeno,lo consumo a diario,pero siempre hay un pero ,me gusta el pan amasado de casa y siempre es de harina blanca,no hay dieta que resista,creo que no hay que ser tan estricto,tu pan quedó exquisito y mejor aún con el acompañamiento ,cariños y abrazos y buena semana para tí.

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sabkatni lhaloufa soumiya ana khaliw liya ghir dak lkwiyiss dyal atay o douk trofa dyal lkhobz li fla la photo en dernier, lah lah lah 3la khobz, boussa hbiba
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You're not only the macaroon queen, you're also the bread queen dear, your bread looks so perfect!

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Hello .. is my third visit to your blog I keep for some time ... I love these recipes that do different .. from VIGO SPAIN invite you to share my recipes and blog ... good day and greetings MARIMI

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LOL, I'm with you, White Bread Rules! This looks deeelish!!

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Fabulous loaves! Moroccan breads are so delicious. Perfect for eating with a tajine.



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tbarkellah 3lik khobz dayzo laklam,bssa7tik o ra7tik,machallah 3lik allah yehfad lik hadok iddiyat

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