18 Jul 2011

قراشل بالبطاطة / Potato Krachel (9rachel) / Spicy Moroccan Potato Buns / Brioches Marocaines aux pommes de terre (patates) et épices!

قراشل بالبطاطة - البطاطس
Krachel or 9rachel (قراشل ) are Moroccan sweet buns flavoured with green aniseeds, sesame seeds and orange flower water. Another Ramadan treat that can be eaten anytime of the year!  You can freeze these delights though I will be surprised if there will be any left to freeze.

As all Moroccan recipes, Krachel is no exception, they widely vary from one region to another and even from one family to another. Some prefer to use olive oil instead of butter (very nice version of Krachel indeed), some use water instead of milk, some put more or less spices in the dough to suit their personal taste.

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