21 May 2012

طجينْ الكْفْتَة وْ الْبيظْ/KBM/Moroccan Kefta Tagine/Tajine Kefta Marocain (Kefta bel bayd w maticha)!

KBM is a Moroccan Kefta tagine : "K" stands for Kefta (minced meat), "B" for bayd (eggs), and "M" for Maticha (tomato). Kefta or K'fta, pronounced as (K-F-T-U) means minced or ground meat, of either beef or lamb (sometimes a combination of the two), or chicken or turkey. Kefta is typically mixed in a marinade known as sharmoola, then kneaded thoroughly to distribute flavorings through the meat, then rolled into small meatballs.

It is absolutely delicious, it appeals to everyone, especially kids and it is fun to make if you know how to play round with different flavours and seasoning. Variations are limitless to the standard and traditional recipe. Each region in Morocco has its own version of Kefta and all tastes great. If you wish, add extra hot spices such as ground cinnamon or you may add eggs at the end, or leave them off, or use chopped fresh mint leaves as a replacement for parsley and coriander.

Remember not to to underestimate the cooking time or the spices/herbs mix, and if for some reasons, you choose to take shortcuts, this does not count as making a truly, exquisite Moroccan Kefta tagine.

Traditionally, lamb kefta is used for this recipe, but my family are not standalone ground lamb persons, so I decided to go for beef Kefta instead.

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