8 Jun 2012

Black olives and Fresh Herbs Toghrift (Batboot)/Batbout aux herbes et olives noires!

Sure, I've already posted toghrift bread recipe, but here I switched things up a little bit by adding black olives, coriander/parsley and spices to the dough. Green olives would also be nice. The result is a very tasty, soft and spicy bread, the perfect accessory to any meal!

After you make toghrift, you can try it with anything you like.  Serve it with Tagine, or some fabulous vegan dips, or make a sandwich wrap with beef meat and cheese, or simply dip the bread in pure olive oil or argan oil, seasoned with fresh thyme, ground black pepper and ground cumin. Delicious!

Toghrift bread can be plain or flavoured with herbs, spices and chopped vegetables such as onions and garlic, etc....  The recipe for plain Toghrift/Batboot bread is here on link and can be adapted to include your choice of herbs and seasonings.  Enjoy!

I'm submitting this post to Susan's Yeastspottinga blog devoted to yeast bread.  Please check it out!

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