19 Sep 2012

طجين القُوقْ وْ الجَّلْباَنة/Green Tagine!Moroccan Stew with Beef, Artichoke and Peas/Tajine Vert! Tajine Marocain aux Petits Pois et Artichauts!

This is a classic recipe of artichoke and peas with beef, all flavoured with saffron and ginger. It is a very popular dish with the perfect combination of flavour and vegetables.  Thankfully, in Morocco, fresh artichokes are quite affordable and costs less than one sterling per/kilo.

Artichoke has always put me off from making this dish, but when I think of my mum's delicious artichoke tagine, it makes me rethink. Artichokes are such green leafy veggies, wearing a coat of armour that you can't easily beat. How messy and laborious could it be to trim and peel one single artichoke, taking into account the whole effort and time in the preparation for cooking this tagine.  I've always thought that the first person who ever created that one laborious artichoke tagine, had to be either very brave or very silly, but the result is so very worth it.

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