11 Dec 2012

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ /Moroccan Almond and Date Ghriba-Cookies / Ghriba aux Dattes et Amandes!

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ
Ghriba B'tmar

Dates are one of the most popular dried fruit in Morocco, we eat them anytime, though mostly during Ramadan, but any occasion is a good excuse to buy them, serve and eat them with almost everything: harira, inside harsha, ghriba, kaab ghzal (corne de gazelle), in some sweet tagines, in yogurt, in fruit salad, sweet seffa ... the love for those lovely dates is that intense!

I love giving ghriba or fekkas as a gift to my friends and family members around Eid Al Kabir (Eid Al Adha) or any holiday time, because I believe nothing  will make you "Everyone's favourite sweet maker" or says better "I appreciate you" like a delicious homemade ghriba or cookie. I made this surprisingly sophisticated ghriba last Eid Al Kabir, and they turned into an excellent combination of dates and almonds without overwhelming the flavour of ghriba, and they were so tender, flaky, and falling apart in your mouth, it was love at each single bite! Actually, I had to hide them in the pantry, otherwise I would have devoured the whole pan.  As I love strong flavours, I might add little more orange blossom water and cinnamon next time.

One of the coolest things about this ghriba is that it is so flexible. As a filling, you can use almond or sesame or peanut paste instead of date paste or nutella or just anything you want.  Use ordinary pecans or walnuts in place of chopped almond if you wish.  These ghribas, when still warm, crack easily, so handle with care and allow to cool at least 10 minutes before removing from tray, or they will be too soft to handle. Once cooled, this ghriba is very tasty and the whole combination is simply lovely, but the flavour improves with time.

To read more about Moroccan Ghriba, here is the link to all the recipes and tips how to make perfect ghriba from this blog: Moroccan Ghriba or Bahla (Moroccan Shortbread).


coco said...

yummy yummy....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Fantastic! They look really delicious and tempting. My kind of cookie.

Bises et bon weekend,


oumsara said...

hummmmmmmm katchahhiiiiiiiiiiiii,tbarkellah 3lik,ghada tjji mramla hummmm,maachallah 3lik khadija

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