14 May 2014

Kika or Maskouta Rtitba - Moroccan Sponge Cake!

This is a huge Maskouta or Kika Rtitba (Rtitba means "extremely soft"), about 10 cm high, one of those spongy, light and fluffy cake that you like to serve for special occasions.  This one is flavoured with a hint of cinnamon spice, honey, almond and Moroccan tea. Plain Maskouta cake is quite possibly my favourite cake of all the ones I've made and tasted, and I've already posted one or two recipes of this delicious cake in my blog, because it is tasty, soft, moist, and easy to make.  It's the kind of everyday cake I like to enjoy with Moroccan tea.  But now after trying several creamy Meskoutas, I am afraid I'm not quite ready to commit that plain version is my absolute favourite.

To achieve a "Rtitba" texture (spongy), light, airy and fluffy:

1-Eggs: I separated the eggs, introducing the white eggs only at the end of the preparation.

2-Flour: It is popular in Morocco to mix corn flour (also called maizena or cornstarch) with white flour, known in Morocco as "Force".  I used the ratio 2:1

3-Fat: As plain Maskouta that I posted before, this cake has no butter. I used a very light version of olive oil, don't be tempted to use the pure olive oil because it would come on too strong and dominate the taste of the cake.  You can use any type of oil you like.

4-Liquid ingredients: As usual, I used cold Moroccan tea, but you can use milk, Raib, buttermilk, yoghurt or orange juice instead.


This Maskouta is wrapped in two different creams: the first is white chocolate-butter cream flavoured with Moroccan tea and almond, then covered with dark chocolate ganache. The combination of flavours in this cake make the chocolate lovers' dream come true!  Happy Birthday Shakir and all the best! (2014 - 11 years wow!)

This is Liponja Maskouta, out of the oven and left to cool.  I made two of these beauties to make Shakir's Birthday Cake!

This is marbled chocolate Liponja Meskouta

This is the white chocolate butter cream flavoured with Moroccan tea and almond!
I always make this frosting cream and everyone loves it!
 It is smooth, more importantly tasty and easy to work with! 
 I made a dark chocolat ganache which covered the whole cake

Liponja Maskouta with Strawberries (Moroccan Sponge Cake with cream and strawberries)

This is the same cake Liponja Maskouta I posted above, but in smaller version, and made the same cream flavoured with Moroccan tea and almond.  I added some strawberries.

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