30 Jun 2011

طجين البطاطة وْ الجّْلْبانة/ Moroccan Chicken, Potatoes and Peas Tajine / Tajine Marocain Au Poulet, Patates et Petits-Pois!

This is a Moroccan classic recipe. The peas and potatoes are soft, but not soggy and most importantly are full of flavour, then comes the addition of lemon and tomatoes to add a special kick of acidity which goes well with the chicken; whereas the olives provide an earthy richness and a saltiness to balance the sweetness of potatoes and peas. Just marvellous. It is one of the most popular tagines in Morocco and has the right combination of flavour and vegetables


Sarah said...

Thank you for the lesson on using a tajine. I have had one for several years but it was difficult to find any real guidelines on using it. It is a basic terracotta colour and is suitable for stovetop. I was browning my meats first, but I was always uneasy heating it hot enough to do this. But so far, no problems. Now I know how to do it properly. Love your tajines.

s said...

i love reading ur posts..so much info...and great recipes

Katy ~ said...

I have seen these beautiful pots in pictures and wondered what they were and how to use them, so I thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

And this recipe looks soooo very good. You know I just LOVE your cooking, and there is no limit on the esteem and appreciation I have for you. Bless your kind heart.

Unknown said...

The meals I've had served in tagines have been wonderful, the chicken is always so tender. They really do have a wonderful spicy flavour that is totally different from curry. Thanks for all the info, I've never owned one myself but would like to get one.

mahassine said...

ton tagine est très délicieux , tu me donne faim

Unknown said...

Thanx a lot for visiting kothiyavunu and leading me to ur lovely space...:)Nice recipe!!Looks super delicious.

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