23 Oct 2011

فقاس ملوز / Fakkass Mlawaz / Mint-Tea and Amlou Fekkas / Fakkass au Thé à la Menthe et Amlou!

To know more about Fekkas, click on the link below:

I love all things green tea, as long as it's green tea served with fresh mint! These Almond-Tea Fekkas are not too sweet and are deliciously crunchy, just perfect for a snack or a treat, and go well with tea, coffee, juice, or milk etc... What more could we want!

This is one of my favourite Fekkas, it has the fabulous light taste of almonds and the strong taste of green tea and refreshing flavour of mint!  The combination of green tea and almonds melted in your mouth will make your taste buds sing in happiness, letting the fresh mint sing with a subtle note of sweetness. Delicious!  I'm especially partial to a chocolate fekkas and almonds!

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