14 Feb 2012

سبيعات لَلاّ مريم باللّوز / Lalla Mariam's Almond Fingers / Doigts Lala Mariam aux Amandes!

Those almond fingers, commonly known as "Sbi3at Lalla Mariam Blouz" are so delightful and delicately flavoured cookies from Morocco that have been enjoyed by both adults and children for generations, nibbling on them between sips of fresh mint tea.

I admit it's a little labour intensive since you have to prepare in advance the Homemade Almond Paste (Click here for recipe) as well as the Pastries Dough (Click here for recipe) that I posted a few weeks ago, but it is worth it when it comes to bake those little fingers, and take them out of the oven, they smell so good that you can't resist the temptation, even though you know that these treats are best served after they've had a little time to cool, but frankly who cares?  Still you can't resist the delicious smells, then you bite into one of these and what you get in the end is the most perfect little bite, just the right size those little mouthfuls of heaven melting in your mouth. They are crisp and firm on the outside with a soft and chewy texture inside. Heavenly sweet delight!


Aarthi said...

This looks delicious.Thanks for posting it Dear..


Soumiya22 said...

Un vrai délice pour les yeux et les papilles allah i3tik saha mamatkamal,

Katy ~ said...

I am SURE I could a handful of these! Looks so tempting and wonderful.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmhh, I wish I had a some of those now... They look lovely!



Hassan said...

Vraiment top comme toujours! Tes recettes sont excellentes et les photos me font saliver chaque fois que je te visite.

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