28 Mar 2015

Chocolate-Strawberry Cake - Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Finally, I put that cake in the box, ready to go! It took me two good hours to finish it. Such a torture to bake and smell a chocolate cake but not be allowed to touch it, it was meant for someone else's Birthday. The torture was getting worse when it came to finalise its decoration, and being a mad chocolaty myself, I let my imagination coming up with ways to fill this cake with a layer upon layer of chocolate and strawberry goodness. In total I sliced 4 layers, it was supposed to be a sky-high four-layered chocolate-strawberry cake, problem though, I ran out of chocolate icing, so I decided to stop at the 3rd layer.

The sponge cake is itself the same recipe I usually make known in Morocco as Meskouta or Kika (Liponja version with white eggs).  The only difference, I reduced the oil about 30%; knowing the cake will be massively iced. I love the texture of this cake because of the oil used as fat instead of butter, and for that reason it stays incredibly moist, tasty and soft even if in the fridge.

Happy birthday Sabrina!

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