30 Jun 2011

طجين شوفلور و البطاطة/Moroccan Cauliflower Tajine with Chicken and Potatoes / Tajine Marocain de Poulet Au Chou Fleur et Patates

This is a loaded cauliflower, rich and unbelievably tasty tajine. Cauliflower is in one of those vegetables, you either hate or love it. Easy to prepare with chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and red pepper. This is a stew of extraordinary flavour and complexity and all the ingredients used in this stew disguise the strong, distinct flavour patterns of cauliflower.


Katy ~ said...

I just love the tagines; sooo beautiful. How do you tell which can be used for cooking and which are decoration only? Can most casserole type dishes like this be cooked in a tangine? It seems that they could, just increase the cooking time?

Looooove the idea of these beautiful slow cooked vegetables and meat. So full of rich flavors and tender. The food of memories. The food of love!

khadija said...

Hi Katy,
Tajines that I took in picture ( blue and green), as you can see they are colored and decorated and I use them only for serving food. The ones in which I cook (you can see in the picture are brown) and are made from heavy clay and have been painted and glazed, those ones are dedicated for cooking. They are not decorated, not colored and their base is heavy and this is for 2 good reasons: to stand the temperature and withstand the constant use. Normally, if you want to buy one, all needed information comes with the product telling you what type is your tajine.
You can of course use a casserole to cook meat and vegetables, it will also be delicious and in Morocco we call it "Mar9a or Dwaz", which means "cooked meat and vegetables but not inside the Tajine pot".
Hope I answered all your questions.
Have a great day darling,

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