9 Feb 2010

تغريفت أو بتبوت /Moroccan Toghrift or Batbout/Moroccan Pitta / Toghrift ou Batbout Marocain/Pitta Marocaine!

This wonderful bread has so many names in Morocco!  In Souss, Moroccan South Imazighen (Swassa) call it Toghrift, Moroccan Arabs call it Mkhamar or Batboot or Matlou3, and some call it Moroccan Pitta. Whatever you decide to call it, it is such a delicious bread!  I'm sending this recipe over to Susan's Yeastspotting, at Wild Yeast.

Click the link below to view the recipe and more details ! 
 Cliquez sur le lien pour lire la recette et encore plus de détails! 

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