23 Mar 2011

البهلة باملو و شكلاط/Chocolate and Amlou Bahla or Shortbreadou/ Ghriba Bahla Marocaine au chocolat et Amlou!

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Moroccan Ghriba (Ghriba) 

I've always loved the sweet combination of almonds and chocolate flavour. It seems somewhat elegant when both of these ingredients come together in any dish or dessert, but the addition of  Amlou in this Ghriba is like the stunning accessory with a finishing "touche", taking this Ghriba's flavour from ordinary to outstanding, it’s like finishing off your outfit with the right pair of shoes and handbag!

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Laka kuharica said...

J'attends avec impatience les recettes Ghoriba Lbahla. Ils ont l'air délicieux.

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