15 Oct 2011

شلادة الكرموس وْ الرّْمّانْ/Fresh Figs and Prickly Pears Salad/Salade de Figues Fraîches et Figues de Barbarie!

V Suitable for vegetarians / Convient aux végétariens
Serves 4 people / Pour 4 personnes
Preparation Time: 0 h 15 minutes / Temps de préparation: 0 h 15 minutes

In Morocco, fresh figs are succulent, sweet and plentiful in Summer just like many other fruits, ex. Aknari  =أَكْناري  or L'karmouss L'handi (prickly pears) = الكرموسْ الهَنْدِي, grapes, water lemon, etc....

Fresh figs are so delicious and no cooking is necessary and for a late summer these fruits make an attractive dessert platter arranged with fig halves or quarters, sliced prickly pears and some pomegranate seeds, all drizzled with a vinaigrette made by whisking some fresh orange juice with pure honey and pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of orange blossom water.  Or you can just serve them as they are and enjoy their naturally sweet goodness by itself.

L'karmouss L'handi which means in Moroccan language (Indian figs) = الكرموسْ الهَنْدِي are what we call Aknari (in Moroccan Amazigh), or Sabras (Hebrew word), or Prickly Pears or Cactus Fruit or Cactus Figs or Barbary Figs or Tuna.  Known to few, L'karmouss L'handi is a delicious fruit which grows widely in Morocco, where it is popular and people enjoyed as a typical summer fruit.  The South of Morocco is known for its dried prickly pears, where it is sliced and dried to make prickly pear fruit chips.  So lovely!

For those who never taste it, I can say that L'karmouss Lhandi tastes like a cross between watermelon and pear, but with softer and jelly texture, and with some pomegranate seeds inside the fruit!  If you decide to give it a try, just make sure not to eat too many of these until you are used to them!


-2 prickly pears, peeled and sliced / 2 figues de Barbarie (ou poires cactus), pelées et coupées en tranches

-6 firm-ripe black mission or green or yellow fresh figs /  6 figues fraîches mûres mais fermes, qu'elles soient vertes ou blanches ou grises ou rouges ou noires ou violettes

-1/2 pomegranate / 1/2 grenade

Dressing / Assaisonnement:

-2 tablespoons fresh orange juice / 2 c à soupe de jus d'orange frais

-1/4 teaspoon orange blossom water / 1/4 c à café ou à thé d'eau de fleur d'oranger

-1 tablespoon of honey / 1 c à soupe de miel

-Pinch ground cinnamon / Une pincée de cannelle moulue

For garnish / Pour garnir:

-Fresh mint OR sliced roasted almonds OR sliced dates and figs / Menthe fraîche OU amandes effilées,  grillées OU dattes et figues coupées en fines tranches 

Method / Préparation:

1-Wash and slice the pomegranate in half from top to bottom.  Hold each half over a large bowl and bash the sides with a wooden spoon until all the seeds come out./ Laver et couper la grenade en deux dans le milieu.  Placer un grand bol, puis prendre chaque moitié, et dans la paume de la main côté graines, frapper avec une cuillère de bois pour faire tomber les graines.  Ainsi la grenade va se vider de ses graines facilement.

2-Put the prickly pears in a large bowl or a basin then fill it with cool water.  Put on your gloves and pull out as many of the spines as you can with your gloved fingers. Cut off the ends of the prickly pears.  Cut deep in the middle of the fruit but try not to touch the fruit itself while cutting./ Plonger les figues de barbarie dans un grand bol ou une bassine remplie d'eau froide.  Enfilez vos gants puis nettoyer les figues de ses sétules piquantes et pénétrantes.  Trancher les extrémités, puis couper le centre du fruit pour ouvrir la peau sans couper la chair ou y toucher.

3-Wash the figs than dry gently. Cut off the stems, then cut the figs into quarters (or into bite-sized pieces for large figs). /  Laver vos figues fraîches puis séchez-les délicatement. Couper les tiges, ensuite couper les figues en quartiers ou en petits morceaux.

4-Combine the orange juice, orange blossom water, cinnamon and honey, then mix well. / Dans un petit bol, placer le jus d'orange, d'eau de fleur d'oranger, cannelle et miel, puis bien mélanger le tout.

5-Place all the fruits on plates or a large platter./ Servir les tranches de fruits sur les assiettes individuelles ou un grand plat de service.

6-Sprinkle with the orange blossom water mixture. / Assaisonner avec le mélange d'eau de fleur d'oranger.

7-Garnish: You might use fresh mint OR sliced roasted almonds OR sliced dates and figs etc..../ Garnir: Utiliser la menthe fraîche OU amandes effilées, grillées OU dattes et figues coupées en fines tranches.

8-Enjoy! Bssa7a w ra7a!


ann low said...

This salad looks so beautiful. Can I have some please :))

Unknown said...

esalaamu aleikoum,machallah what a interesting combination of fruits i will try it sister barakAllahu fiki

Rosita Vargas said...

ensalada de frutas exquisitas y bellas ,me encanta la tuna y los higos,combinación perfecta y saludable.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A healthy and delicious salad!



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