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French, Mint/Choco Macarons for Mac Attack / Ma participation à Mac Attack avec Macarons Français: Menthe et Chocolat!

As part of the Mactweets challenge that  Jamie of Life's A Feast  and  Deeba of Passionate About Baking  are hosting, I prepared those mint and chocolate macarons. Please do stop to check out all other bloggers' macarons listed on !, and I can't wait to see everyone's macarons! For recipe,  I always use my usual recipe adapted from  La cuisine de Mercotte, the Queen of French Macarons! . Mamatkamal As for filling, it was dates and almonds paste / Pour ganache, j'ai mis la pâte aux dattes et amandes II) Chocolate Macarons / Macarons au chocolat I baked these rich French Chocolate Macarons using David Lebovitz's superb recipe  PLEASE CLICK HERE! ..  / Source de la recette:  Macarons au chocolat de David Lebovitz   SVP CLIQUEZ ICI POUR LA RECETTE! . Filling / Ganache: My children chose marshmallows and dark chocolate, they loved it . / Mes enfants m'ont suggéré les marshmallows ave