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خبز بالعسل/Moroccan Golden Cirlce Honey Bread / Pain Au Miel Marocain

If you are a busy mom, you might not always have time to make a home-made bread every day.  As soon as I get some free hours during the weekend, I make these lovely honey bread, put them in the freezer without slicing them. For thawing, I just spray the circles with a light mist of water and heat it in the oven in a very low temperature.  I think the water makes the difference, the bread tastes freshly baked!  This is an easy-to-make treat that works well for breakfast, tea-time, anytime.   I'm sending this recipe of Golden Cirlce Honey Bread over to   Susan's Yeastspotting, at Wild Yeast .   Mamatkamal Ingredients : - 400g white flour / 400g de farine blanche - 1 teaspoons dried yeast / 1 c à thé de levure de boulangerie séchée - 5 tablespoons   pure honey / 5 c à soupe du miel de bonne qualité - 4 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds / 4  c à soupe de graines de sésames grillées - Pinch of salt / Une pincée de sel - 2 eggs / 2 oeufs

قطبان الدّْجاجْ كْفْتَة/Moroccan Chicken Kebab / Brochettes au poulet à la marocaine

I think it is great mincing your own meat and chicken, and even make your own sausages. Having over the years being quite dissatisfied with commercially produced mince, I decided to buy a mincer, I bought a small manual one.  Easy to use, never breaks and finally I can mince meat myself.  Once you taste home-made minced meat, you  will never feel the need to purchase commercially produced minced meat again.  As for what meat, I just get what is on special and at least I'm sure there is no added fat in it. These flavourful kebab can be made with any type of meat either chicken or turkey breast, lamb, beef etc.... Mamatkamal Ingredients :   - 500 gr chicken breast, cut into thin strips or cubes / 500 gr de poitrine de poulet, coupée en filet fin ou en cubes - Some salt / Un peu de sel - 2 teaspoons red paprika / 2 c à thé de paprika rouge - 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper / 1/2 c à thé poivre noir moulu - 1/2 t

Roasted Lamb Chops / Côtes d'agneau rôtis

My family loves lamb and I have often prepared it this way, especially in Winter. Every few weeks we have them as the meat in our Sunday lunch. They're so easy to cook, and delicious. This recipe is sweet-salty and spicy, all in one. The combination of such flavour and spices is very popular in Morocco. Amazing flavour! But in Summer, I usually marinate them (overnight in refrigerator) in a bit of olive oil, fresh coriander, thyme, a lot of garlic, lemon juice, and some fresh chillies, then grill them over hot coals to pink perfection! I serve them with tomato and onion salad. Mamatkamal Ingredients : - 5 lamb chops / 5 côtes d'agneau - Some fresh coriander and parsley leaves chopped / Quelques feuilles de coriandre et persil fraîches - 2 carrots / 2 carottes - 2 courgettes / 2 courgettes - 2 potatoes / 2 patates - 2 onions / 2 oignons - 2 tablespoons argan oil (you might use olive oil) / 2 c à soupe d'huile d'argane (vous pouvez utiliser

White chocolate butter cream / Crème au beurre chocolatée

Recipe, adapted from   Mary Berry Ingrédients : - 3 tablespoons milk /3 c à soupe de lait - 60g white chocolate / 60 g de chocolat blanc ( I put 100g   / J'ai mis 100g) - 4 tablespoons coffee liqueur   / 4 c à soupe de café liqueur - 120 g icing sugar / 120 g de sucre glace - 175 g butter, softened  (NOT MARGARINE) / 175 g de beurre mou de bonne qualité (SURTOUT PAS DE MARGARINE) Method / Préparation : 1- Over medium heat, heat milk for a few minutes , don't let it boil  .  Remove from heat / Faire chauffer le lait, ne laisser pas bouiller, puis enlever du feu. 2- Beat in white chocolate, chopped, mix until chocolate melts.  Stir in coffee liqueur. Let cool then cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes . /Verser le chocolat en petits morceaux sur le lait et bien mélanger le tout jusqu'à que le chocolat est complètement fondu, ajouter la liqueur du café et mélanger de nouveau. Couvrir laisser refroidir puis mettre au réfrigérateur pour