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خبز بالزيتون الكْحْلْ/Black Olive Bread Moroccan Style / Pain Aux Olives Noires à la Marocaine!

خبز بالزيتون الكْحْلْ THIS bread, though I always serve it with Camembert or with nice hot soup, it is in fact so delicious on its own. When served as grilled cheese sandwich, this delicately flavoured bread is a dinner in itself!  I don't usually eat lots of bread before a meal but I actually ate 4 grilled slices with cheese by myself before even starting the dinner. I was stuffed! It tasted delicious while still warm from my oven, the rich smell filled my house and it looked great too!  I think the black olives combined with thyme, olive oil, and cumin seeds was what really brought out this bread unique flavour, and with the adding of fine semolina, it gave it a nice texture and a nice look. Next time, I'm looking forward to trying this with part cornflour and part fine semolina, folding in some grated Mozzarella and maybe even some raisins. It may sound strange, but this combination works really well.  I tried it several times while making some biscuits/crackers a