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Dough for Sweet Pastries / Pâte Pour Pâtisseries et petits-fours!

عجينة كعب الغزال عْجينَة الكْعَّابَة أَوْ عْجينَة الكْعْبَة This is a dough made from a few ingredients and is widely used in Morocco to make sweet pastries, especially Moroccan   Cornes de Gazelle or   Kâab al-ghazal or  Kâaba   =    الكَعْبَة أَوْ كعب الغزا ل .  The most important part of making this, is the kneading and the rolling of the dough.  It is amazing how a small ball of this dough could be stretched thin and thinner that you could "read the newspaper through it"!  I can still remember my mother who in minutes could roll this magic dough around the rolling pin and spin out a THIN sheet of this dough that almost covered our large family table. She could not give any exact measurements of ingredients, she relied on her eyes.