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كعك وجدي/كعك وجدة/Kaâk Wajdy (Oujda ou Wajda) / Moroccan Sunny-Shaped Cookies with Anise, Fennel and Sesame Seeds /Brioches d'Oujda ou Biscuits Marocain sous Forme de Soleil à Base de Graines de Fenouil, d'Anis et de Sésame!

This is really one unique, delicious, crunchy cookie, a classic recipe from Oujda town (pronounced as WJDA), and it's the largest city in the East of the Kingdom. The richness of Moroccan sweets and pastry lies in its unlimited and huge diversity, and every city makes its own version of sweets, but in vastly, surprisingly different way; thus making every region has its proudest speciality!  If  Corne de Gazelle  are considered in Fes, Tetouan, and Marrakesh as the top speciality, this typical Kaâk Wjdi  is the staple  Dwaz Atay (sweets)  in the East side of the Kingdom.

South Morocco Style Date Paste Filling / Pâte de Dattes Style Marocain, Région de Souss, Sud du Royaume!

Date paste is a wonderful natural sweetener and is commonly used in Moroccan cakes , bread , Harsah , Mssamen ,  Ghriba ,  Briwat , Kâab Ghzal (Cornes de gazelle) and so many other baked goods!  It is easy to make, much cheaper than buying it ready-made from stores and you can choose the texture for your paste, either smooth creamy or chunky.

Amlou Chocolate Frosting / Glaçage au Chocolat et Amlou!

This ganache can be used as a glaze for all kind of pastries, or as a filling for cakes, or as a tarte or tartelette filling, or much better it can be turned into truffles, scooping it out with an ice cream or melon baller, then roll it in cocoa powder or icing sugar. Mamatkamal Ingredients : - 100 gr dark chocolate, semi-sweet / 100 gr de chocolat noir semi-sucr é - 100 ml milk evaporated milk "Original", I used Rainbow product.  Please note that evaporated milk differs from sweetened condensed milk, as evaporated milk contains no added sugar ./ 100 ml du lait évaporé non-sucré, ou lait, parfois appelé lait concentré non-sucré.  N'utiliser pas la version sucrée de ce lait. - 50 gr amlou paste, with thick and creamy texture. Don't use amlou which is too liquid. / 50 gr d' amlou , dont la consistance est bien épaisse. N'utiliser pas celui qui es trop liquide. - 1 or 2 drops of argan oil. / 1 ou 2 gouttes de l'huile d'arga