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مسكوتة بللّيمونْ وْ اللّوزْ / كيكة /Meskouta or Maskouta or Keeka/ Moroccan Orange and Almond Cake (Butterless Cake) / Maskouta ou Meskouta ou Kika, Gâteau Marocain à l'Orange et Amandes Sans Beurre!

I still haven't replaced my broken oven and I really miss baking!  My boys love cakes and cookies, especially  Ghriba ,  Fekkas ,  Macarons  etc.... and I used to bake a lot of these, but now, it will be impossible to give them what they like, till I get a new oven. We just have to draw, temporarily, the line at dessert treats, our ultimate ending for our meal. We bake lots of things on the grill, microwave, or we just order takeaways, praying it will be fresh and good.  Here is a popular Moroccan Cake, called Meskouta [M S K O O T A], that I made a few days before my oven broke! Meskouta, also called Kika [K E E K A],  is a b utterless cake, commonly baked during hard time and France/Spain Colonization, it was the time when butter was just hard to get and very expensive for the majority Moroccan people.  So argan or olive or vegetable oils are used, which were more readily available than butter.  My mother told me that Meskouta Cakes, in those old times, were baked in a s

أمْلُو /How to make Amlo Paste? / Comment préparer Amlou? Amlou de la région de Souss-Sud du Maroc (Pâte à tartiner à base d'huile Argan)!

Amlo (AM-LO) is a richly tasty mixture or spread made of organic roasted almonds mixed with Argan oil and then sweetened at the end with Pure Honey.  Amlo is a great delicacy among Moroccan Imazighen of the south, also known as Swassa, and it is usually served with bread at breakfast, or as a filling for  Baghrir ,  Msamen  ,  Harcha ,  Rziza , or  Malwi  or any sort of crepes.  It is a widely used ingredient in cooking,  cakes,  friandes,   sauce ,  bread   etc... Traditionally in Souss region, to make Amlo, almonds should be reduced to a fine smooth brown paste in an old traditional grinding mill called "Arhaa"-See picture below-, which grinds almonds into a golden brown dough. However, for this recipe, I used a food processor, but the old way to make Amlo is still my favourite texture,  it is smooth and delicious, absolutely stunning! To make Amlo, you need Argan oil, the most expensive oil in the world, and which is native to specifically south of Kingdom of M