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كيسان سْلُّو باللُّوزْ وْ شْكْلاطْ/ Kissan Sellou Blouz o Choklat / Chocolate-Amlou Cups With Sellou Crust / Tartelettes au Chocolat et Amlou sur Croûte Sellou! Hello 2013 and Happy New Year

This incredibly addicting dessert is super crispy outside and so soft inside, a perfect treat for the lovers of the classic chocolate and almond combination!  It has enough of a chocolatey flavour to make my boys, avid chocolate and  sellou  lovers, happy, and one is never enough when it comes to munching those sweet treats. Last time I made 24 of those, hoping to have some leftover, well the boys just ate them all in a day and I can't blame them, these look horrendously addictive and whenever I make them, I try to keep my hands away from them, so I'm happy they never last more than one day!!! Khadija El Mary This recipe yields 10 little cups or 5 medium  tartlet  size / Pour 10 petites tartelettes ou 5 de taille moyenne Preparation Time: 0 h 30 minutes / Temps de préparation: 0 h 30 minutes Cook Time: 0 h 10 minutes / Temps de cuisson: 0 h 10 minutes

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ /Moroccan Almond and Date Ghriba-Cookies / Ghriba aux Dattes et Amandes!

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ Ghriba B'tmar Dates are one of the most popular dried fruit in Morocco, we eat them anytime, though mostly during Ramadan , but any occasion is a good excuse to buy them, serve and eat them with almost everything: harira , inside harsha , ghriba , kaab ghzal   (corne de gazelle) , in some sweet tagines, in yogurt, in fruit salad, sweet seffa ... the love for those lovely dates is that intense! I love giving ghriba or fekkas as a gift to my friends and family members around Eid Al Kabir (Eid Al Adha)  or any holiday time, because I believe nothing  will make you " Everyone's favourite sweet maker " or says better " I appreciate you " like a delicious homemade ghriba or cookie. I made this surprisingly sophisticated ghriba last   Eid Al Kabir , and they turned into an excellent combination of dates and almonds without overwhelming the flavour of ghriba , and they were so tender, flaky, and falling apart in your mouth,