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سْبيعاتْ لَلاَّ / Sbi3at (Sbiâat) Lalla / Moroccan Lady Fingers / Doigts de Madame Style Marocain!

These crunchy, chewy and delicious Moroccan cookies are truly a sweet treat. They are not difficult to make, but it would be useful to follow a step-by-step recipe to perfect them.  Every time I make these, they never last more than 1/2 hour!  My sons call them " 1/2 Hour Cookies "!

رْجيِلاتْ مْشِيشَة / حلوة فْرْشِيطَة / Rjilat Mchicha ou Halwat Farchitta / Cat Paws Cookies / Pattes de Chat!

  Rjilat Mchicha ou Halwat Farchitta Cat Paws Cookies Pattes de Chat!  All you need to make these biscuits is cookie dough of your choice, a fork, an oven and some chocolate or nuts for decoration. Voilà!

الدّْويدة / Dwida / Moroccan Worm Cookies!

I do remember so vividly from my childhood these yummy cookies, whose name is derived from Moroccan Darija word " Dwida " [Pronounced as D W E E D A], meaning "small or little worm".  As Dwaz Atay , Dwida was really very popular in the 70's and 80's in Morocco, with slight differences in shaping them from one region to another; some formed them into a crescent or moon shape as Cornes de gazelle , others preferred to mould the batter into a snail or snake shape.  Everyone used to customize these lovely cookies shape, depending upon their mood or the occasion! I do remember how gloriously and wonderful these little treasures were, and how my brother and I would fight over them. Many happy and wonderful memories are associated with my mother's Dwida Cookies!  They are the kind of delicious snack that you can come home any time, whether good or bad day, then eat every single one with a lovely fresh mint tea. They are so addictive in the sense that each