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تغريفت أو بتبوت /Moroccan Toghrift or Batbout/Moroccan Pitta / Toghrift ou Batbout Marocain/Pitta Marocaine!

This wonderful bread has so many names in Morocco!  In Souss, Moroccan South Imazighen (Swassa) call it Toghrift , Moroccan Arabs call it Mkhamar or Batboot or Matlou3,  and some call it Moroccan Pitta . Whatever you decide to call it, it is such a delicious bread!   I'm sending this recipe over to  Susan's Yeastspotting, at Wild Yeast . Click the link below to view the recipe and more details !   Cliquez sur le lien pour lire la recette et encore plus de détails!   Moroccan Toghrift or Batboot Recipe Mamatkamal