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طجين القُوقْ وْ الجَّلْباَنة/Green Tagine!Moroccan Stew with Beef, Artichoke and Peas/Tajine Vert! Tajine Marocain aux Petits Pois et Artichauts!

This is a classic recipe of artichoke and peas with beef, all flavoured with saffron and ginger. It is a very popular dish with the perfect combination of flavour and vegetables.  Thankfully, in Morocco, fresh artichokes are quite affordable and costs less than one sterling per/kilo.

غريبة الكوكو وْ السّْميدة/Ghriba with Coconut and Semolina/Moroccan Coconut and Semolina Cookie/ Ghriba Marocaine à la Semoule et à la Noix de Coco

These are the divinely simple Moroccan cookies, moist and chewy inside while still maintaining a fun crisp crust outside, they are called "Coconut-Semolina Ghriba".  This is one of my favourite treats as a child and I always loved making them with my mum right from childhood. I used to help her shaping the sticky dough into ghriba balls, and this is another story because this part was a very messy affair, but the best role I liked most was dusting them with icing sugar, I mean a lot of icing sugar. My mother always maintained that in our beloved country, Morocco, there are so many happy occasions to celebrate due to the multicultural population, thus each day in the year was a happy excuse to make those lovely ghribas, and as she used to say "No occasion is complete without Ghriba to sweeten our palette"!. Semolina flour goes perfectly well with the texture of coconut, another amazing combination in Moroccan Cuisine. The traditional recipe calls definitely for