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How To Blanch Almonds And The Almond Blossom Festival of Tafraout! / Blanchir des Amandes Entières et Festival Annuel à Tafraout!

Moroccans are famously hospitable and their love for their country and for its stunningly beautiful nature is reflected in the celebration of several Annual Festivals in the country such as : The Rose Festival, Gnawa Festival  Of Essaouira , Popular Arts Festival Of Marrakech , The Imichil Marriage Festival, The Erfoud Date Festival, The Almond Blossom Festival of Tafraout etc..... The Almond Blossom Festival is one of those special annual events in the Kingdom, celebrated in the second week of February, at The Tafraout Valley ( تفراوت ), where almond-trees grow in abundance in the wild there, and reign supremely.  Tafrouat is known as the Morocco's Almond Capital, and it is an Amazigh Village, located in the South of Morocco (Souss-Chlouh of the South-Swassa).  It is a great friendly picturesque place, with its spectacular rock formation, typical buildings, and prolific almond blossoms to be seen all around the place.  Tafraout is such a place, where the most attractive nature

الغلمي بالحامظ وْ الزّعْفْرانْ/Moroccan Lamb with Preserved Lemon, Saffron and Olives /Moroccan Stew/Agneau au Citron Confit, Safran et Olives à la Marocaine!

Who said lamb doesn't go with garlic? who said never mix saffron and garlic? well, well, no comment! Lamb goes beautifully with the preserved lemon, garlic and onions in this lovely stew.  If you like the melt-in-the-mouth meat that falls off the bone, you will absolutely like this dish.  Even though we call it  "Slow-Cooked Lamb", it does not mean an all-day cooking dish.  It is rather one pot-meal and with less washing-up to do.  All you need is few ingredients and few steps whose whole total cooking time is about 5 hours and let it go, emitting wonderful smells into your house. This recipe is a Moroccan classic, a slow cooked lamb with a lot of onions, garlic, preserved lemon and fresh coriander/parsley.  Everything is cooked together, thus allowing all the ingredients and flavours to meld and complement each other.