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المْخَرْقَة-الشّباكيّة/ Chebakia or Chebakiya (Mkharqua-Mkharka-Mkhar9a)/The Classic Moroccan Flower Cookies / Chabakia ou Chebakiya ou Tresses (Roses) au miel!

Since I was young I've always been intrigued by these se same/honey cookies , called in Morocco "Chebakia", not only for their beautiful flower shape but also because they are surprisingly delicious sweet treats and I love all the flavours in them!  Chebakia is one  of the luxurious, tasteful, traditional  and  special occasion sweet,  served without fail on Moroccan  Ramadan  table  with   Harira   on   Ftour (Iftar)  meal.  However;  in some regions in Morocco, c hebakia  is also served at wedding ceremonies and other special feasts.  Traditionally, few days before   Ramadan ,  the whole family usually gets together to make large numbers of these cookies,   which are customarily shaped like a rose, symbolizing "Respect and Love".  Because of chebakia popularity and its cultural significance in Morocco, this has made these sesame/honey cookies synonymous with Ramadan . In fact, n o Moroccan Ramadan is complete without   c hebakia , which can be bough

تقاوت/سْلّو/سْلِيلُو/سْفُوفْ/زمّيطة/Tquawt or T9awt (Flourless version of Sellou or Slilou)/Tquawt ou Sellou ou Sfouf (Version Sellou Sans Farine)/ No Bake Moroccan Cake!

This is Tquawt (also known as Sellou or Slilo or Sfouf or Zmitta), this is definitively top feel-home food for Ramadan in Morocco.  It has so many different names but each name refers to the same nut-based paste, known as energy paste or brown mixture.  This is a unique Moroccan speciality which is made of amazing mixture of almonds, sesame seeds and other spices and flavourings. Sellou is not only impressive to look at, it is a taste buds pleaser too!