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This is a very popular French soup called Vichyssoise [VEESHY-SSWAZ], made of pureed leeks and potatoes, two ingredients vere common in the 19th century in France. A comforting and easy dish to make which will warm you from the inside out this winter.  Whip up this easy Potage Parmentier either as a starter or as a main meal, along with some cheese and baguette of course.Though Vichyssoise is traditionnaly served as a cold soup, I prefer to serve ours warm.   The only inconvenience if you decide to serve it warm or hot is the garnishing with cold whipped cream.  If the soup is too hot, better avoid this detail.  Honestly this soup is extremely delicious and doesn't need any additional garnishing to brighten it up or to complement its taste.   One of the so many versions of the story behind this "cold soup" is that King Louis XV of France suspected that someone would poison him so he ordered his many servants to taste the potato leek soup before being served to him.