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خبز المْحْراشْ/Moroccan Bread Mahrash / Pain Marocain Mahrach / Pain à la semoule d'orge (Khobz L'mahrach)!

One of my favourite places to visit is the souk (local market), it is always an interesting place to wander. I just like walking through the grand bazaar, the narrow streets and enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread drifts from fran (communal ovens), and all those aromatic, exotic, colourful spices.  The place is filled with vendors, very friendly who bargain with a smile on their faces, and little boys running, with school-bags bouncing on their backs, all grins and full of energy, and women carrying wassla (wood tray) of bread on their heads, and old men selling bundles of fresh mint, absinthe, coriander, parsley and of course Mahrash bread. The souk will not be complete without Mahrash! Mahrash is a very popular type of bread in Morocco, especially in winter.  It is made from barley grits, other mixture of flour, olive oil and a touch of cumin. The word "Mahrash" means "rough or coarse look" in Moroccan Darija, some call it "Khobz L'harsh&quo

سبيعات لَلاّ مريم باللّوز / Lalla Mariam's Almond Fingers / Doigts Lala Mariam aux Amandes!

Those almond fingers, commonly known as "Sbi3at Lalla Mariam Blouz" are so delightful and delicately flavoured cookies from Morocco that have been enjoyed by both adults and children for generations, nibbling on them between sips of fresh mint tea. I admit it's a little labour intensive since you have to prepare in advance the  Homemade Almond Paste (Click here for recipe) as well as the  Pastries Dough (Click here for recipe) that I posted a few weeks ago, but it is worth it when it comes to bake those little fingers, and take them out of the oven, they smell so good that you can't resist the temptation, even though you know that these treats are best served after they've had a little time to cool, but frankly who cares?  Still you can't resist the delicious smells, then you bite into one of these and what you get in the end is the most perfect little bite, just the right size those little mouthfuls of heaven melting in your mouth. They are crisp and

Potato Buns / Buns ou Pain Hamburger aux Patates (Pommes de terre)!

In fact I was planning to post this recipe along with many other pictures of potato doughnuts, pizza crust and brioches, few recipes I will be sharing soon, under the title "Potato Dough", but these buns turned out to be such a lovely treat on their own that they are really worth to be posted separately with a few praising words!

راس الحانوت / Ras El Hanout- Moroccan Spice Blend / Rass El Hanout, la plus élaborée des épices marocaines!

Rass El Hanout or Ras El Hanout =  راس الحانوت , also known as "Mrouzia or Mrouziya Spice"  = مروزيّة is a popular Moroccan complex spice mix, and ranks as the most popular exported spice produced in Morocco.  Ras El Hanout has grown in popularity over the past few years, and become one of Morocco's most famous food flavour.  Known by its rich fragrant aroma, warm, sensual fragrance and overall robust flavour, Ras El Hanout is much like some traditional great spice combinations such as Curry and Garam Masalas of India, or the fabulous Moles of Mexico etc.... Ras El Hanout in Moroccan language means literally “Head of the merchant's spice shop", but figuratively, it simply means "The top or the best or the most precious ingredient in the store" or as we say in French " La crème de la crème ou tout ce qu'il y a de mieux "!  That's why it is beleived that Ras el Hanout is a mix of the finest and the best of all spices. Ras El Hanou

جْنيحاتْ الدّْجاجْ مْعَسّْلينْ/Sticky Roasted Ras El Hanout Chicken, Moroccan Style / Poulet à la Marinade de Rass El Hanout, style marocain!

جْنيحاتْ الدّْجاجْ مْعَسّْلينْ Chicken is one of my boys' favourite meat, either cooked in  Tagine  (Tajine) or roasted, or fried, or grilled, or whatever I can try.  I often use this  Ras El Hanout  Sauce ( Moroccan Spice Blend ) to marinate chicken wings or drumsticks.

شرمولة راس الحانوت/Ras El Hanout Marinade For Chicken / Marinade de Rass El Hanout Pour Poulet!

شرمولة راس الحانوت If you like sweet and savoury meat, this  Ras El Hanout   marinade is perfect.  It is easy to make, tasty to eat, and fits perfectly the taste of the the roasted chicken wings or drumsticks. Mamatkamal