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Tquawt/Sellou or Slilou /No Bake Cake!

تقاوت/سْلّو/سْلِيلُو/سْفُوفْ/زمّيطة Tquawt or T9awt  Flourless version of Sellou or Slilou No Bake Moroccan Cake ! I already posted Sellou  here .  Today's recipe, same ingredients and method were followed with a slight twist. This version  featured here will use almond paste or marzipan known as  "3a9dat Louz" = ( عَقْدَةْ اللّوز ),  recipe here .  Roll sellou into a log shape and set aside. Lightly dust the rolling pin with icing sugar then carefully roll the marzipan up. Gently, place sellou log on the marzipan, brush it with honey or sugar syrup then lift the long side and roll it up. Press gently so it will stick. As for decoration, it's up to you.  I decided to use only roasted almond flakes but Kamal suggested, or rather insisted, to use sprinkles.! Happy Ramadan 2020 which I'm sure will be remembered for the rest of our life. Over the last five weeks, our lives have changed hugely with the lock down. Massive "THANK YOU" to