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أغْرُومْ - الخُبْزْ/Moroccan Bread/Aghroum or Khobz/ Pain Marocain

In Morocco, a meal cannot be served without a fresh and nice bread.  We call it " Aghroum " =  أغْرُومْ , in Moroccan Tamazight (Shalha), and " Khobz " = الخُبْزْ  , in Moroccan-Arabic, and it is one of the most basic food in Morocco.  I grew up in a house, where my mother used to bake bread every single day except Friday, which is "Couscous Day", as she used to call it.  Though my mother had an oven where she could bake her bread at home, she had always preferred to send hers to " Faran or F'ran ". F'ran  is a local and traditional community oven, built for communal use and are located in every district, village, city or neighbourhood, where dozens of loafs are baked at once.  So many breads would be baked at the same time.  So impressive!  When I was young I was so fascinated how " Mol L'fran " which means "F'ran's Owner" could remember everyone's bread.  You bring your bread to bake in &