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âwinat mchicha / Cat's Eye Ghriba / Ghriba Œil-de-Chat!

عْويناتْ مْشِيشَة  âwinat mchicha (3winat Mchicha) Cat's Eye Ghriba Ghriba Œil-de-Chat! These " 3winat Mchicha ", which literally means "Cat's Eye" are little Moroccan almond round cookies of deliciousness, with a little hole in the centre filled with jam of your choice. Personally, I like to use apricot jam so the cookies look more like a "cat's eye", but my children prefer more strawberry jam.  It doesn't matter which jam you use, any flavour works! These little cookies are bursting with flavour, moist, slightly crunchy and, if properly stored, they can stay soft for several days.  They are soft, but not too delicate that falls apart at first bite or touch as Bahla . The crunch side comes not from the cookie itself, but rather from the toasted chopped almond on the edges, adding a bit of chewiness to them. When you take a bite into it, you feel all the richness of the flavours, however the balance of these ingredients works