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Shamiya (Shameeya)-Kikat Smida-Harchat Fran-Moroccan Semolina Cake / Chamia-Gâteau marocain à la semoule!

This traditional Moroccan cake version doesn't include sugar syrup, instead, the cake is topped with a delicious  date/almond glaze . This is one of the cakes that makes me feel  Moroccan-Soussiya  down to the tips of my toe nails! There are times when something very sweet and old fashioned, is exactly what you need for a winter dessert after a comforting meal, and for me, it has always been either  Meskouta  or Shamiya, served with some fresh whipped cream or even plain, bringing a smile of nostalgia as I recall my mother and grandmother making this exquisite, yet simple cake!  The use of semolina in this cake provides a unique perfect texture that will impress you, and you will not be able to hear yourself think or talk, let alone talk to anyone around you! It is so popular in  Morocco  that you can see several old or young vendors, nearly anywhere, carrying plastic or wood trays packed with freshly made Shamiya. There are a lot of different Shamiya recipes in Morocco, but th

How to make Date/Almond Glaze, the Southern Morocco (Swassa- Imazighen) version! / Comment préparer glaçage aux dattes et amandes (version marocains de Souss)!

الثّْمْرْ مْعْسّْلْ  Date Glaze Glaçage aux dattes This cake/cookie glaze recipe is must make if you love almond and dates. It is a rich glaze used to top or fill any type of cake, brioche, bread ex. shameeya , maskouta , bashkito , 9rachel , or any pastry of your choice.  For stiffer glaze to top bachkito, use less water or juice and more date paste. ****************************************** Recette de glaçage aux dattes et amandes en français: Cette recette de glaçage gourmande à souhait pour tous les amoureux d'amandes et dattes, un mélange de saveur riche, parfumé et sucré. Idéale pour tous les types de gâteaux ex. chamia ,  meskouta , 9rachel , bachkito , ou autres.  Pour un glaçage plus ferme, réduire tout simplement la quantité d'eau ou de jus et ajouter plus de  pâte de dattes . Mamatkamal Ingredients ( Makes about 400 gr) : 150 ml cold water 150 gr caster sugar 200 gr  date paste   (CLIC HERE for the recipe) Fresh juice of 1 big orange (ab