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إِباوْنْ- مْنْكوبْ/Mangoob/Moroccan Broad or Fava Bean Salad/Salade Marocaine aux Fèves Fraîches (Mangoub)!

We call them " Ibawn = إِباوْنْ  " in Tachalhit or Imazighen, and " Fool " or " Full =  فُولْ   ", in Morocco, elsewhere they are commonly known as fava beans, broad beans, horse beans or windsor beans etc....  When I was a kid, I tried to grow fava beans in a glass!  So I got a clear drinking glass, put some shredded newspaper to hold my beans inside, then put 4 or 5 fresh shelled fava beans in the center and poured a few cm of water. I was sure I could actually make fava beans sprout in my glass!  So there sat my glass, on our kitchen windowsill, and dutifully I watered or rather over-watered the beans every single day, waiting several weeks for a sprout to appear or for something or anything to emerge. Nothing, I gave up on my fava beans! I have loved fresh, raw or cooked fava beans since my childhood, and I remember my mother who whenever she thought I hadn't been eating enough vegetables, she would give me a bunch of fava beans to shell

طجينْ الكْفْتَة وْ الْبيظْ/KBM/Moroccan Kefta Tagine/Tajine Kefta Marocain (Kefta bel bayd w maticha)!

KBM is a Moroccan Kefta tagine : "K" stands for Kefta (minced meat), "B" for bayd (eggs), and "M" for Maticha (tomato). Kefta or K'fta, pronounced as (K-F-T-U) means minced or ground meat, of either beef or lamb (sometimes a combination of the two), or chicken or turkey. Kefta is typically mixed in a marinade known as sharmoola, then kneaded thoroughly to distribute flavorings through the meat, then rolled into small meatballs.

أسْكِّيفْ/حْسُوَّة/حْرِيرة البِيظَة/Warm up with Moroccan Cornmeal porridge!/Soupe Blanche à Base de Farine de Maïs à la Marocaine!

It’s so interesting how people choose their favourite breakfast dish from all around the world. Some start their day with eggs, beans, sausages, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, filled buns, toasts, croissants etc.... and others will drink a bowl of Askif, as my mother used to have for breakfast!  Askif (AS-KEE-F) is a dish made by boiling some types of flour, corn, semolina, barley flakes or grits, etc.... in water, or milk, or both (but usually milk is added at the end of cooking), and then the whole thing is stirred up like a soup. In some regions of  Morocco , other grains, spices, seeds, herbs and vegetables are added to make Askif. This is an ancient Moroccan-Imazighen/Shlooh porridge, and it is not a recent invention, dating back to the times of nomadic desert family life-style.  Earlier there were so many various kinds of porridge, along with other dishes which are particularly Shlooh/Imazighen speciality as  Tagine/Tajine , Couscous/Saksou , known in English as one-pot mea

عصير الحامض الخْظْرْ- بُوعْوِيدْ/Pear and Lime Smoothie/Milkshake, Moroccan Style! / Jus Panaché aux Poires et Lime (Citron Vert), à la Marocaine!

All you need is add a decorative paper umbrella to accompany this juice, garnish with a lime wheel and it will make you feel like you are in Agadir Beach, relaxing under the sun with toes in the sand!  The combination of sweet pears and sharp lime is invigorating.  The lime adds a nice and sharp flavour to the pears and keep them from turning brown. I had to add a drop of orange blossom water, I am such a sucker for that taste, but if you don't like it, a drop of natural vanilla extract will add some subtle flavour. Mamatkamal Makes 200 ml glasses x 4 / Pour 4 verres de 200 ml Preparation Time: 15 minutes  / Temps de préparation: 15 minutes Ingredients : - 2 large ripe pears, peeled  /  2 grosses poires mûres pelées - Juice of 1 lime, about 4 tablespoons / Jus d'1 lime (citron vert), environ 4 c à soupe - 400 to 450 ml cold milk, I used pasteurized whole milk  / 400 à 450 ml lait froid, entier et pasteurisé - 6 to 8 SOFT dried figs, roughly chopped / 6 à 8 fi