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Vanilla Ghriba Bahla (Moroccan Vanilla Shortbread or Cookies) / Ghirba au vanille (Sablé Marocain à la vanille )

 One of my favourite ingredients in my kitchen is fresh vanilla beans, but unfortunately they are not cheap, they come second after saffron on the list of the most costly spices. For Eid Adha, I made these special ghribas which turned out great and even one of the most delicious ghriba I've ever made!  These  beauties were just out-of-this-world and absolutely delicious! For this Bahla, I didn't add any nuts or seeds, I used plain flour (about 1 kg), 2 fresh vanilla pods, oil,  oudy or oudi , butter, sugar (half vanilla and half caster sugar), pinch of salt and gum arabic (Maska Horra).  I also sprinkled some sugar on top of the ghribas before putting them in the oven. To read more about Moroccan Ghriba, here is the link to all the recipes and tips how to make perfect ghriba from this blog:  Moroccan Ghriba or Bahla (Moroccan Shortbread) . Mamatkamal    

بْشْكِيطُو بْالتّْمْرْ/Bushkito ou Bachkitto B'Tmar / Moroccan Cookies with Date Filling/ Biscuits Marocains aux Dattes

Bushkito ou Bachkitto B'Tmar  These sweet goodies, called in Morocco " Bushkito B'Tmar ", have two layers of delicious and crunchy bushkitos, sandwiched with date filling and they are definitely type of cookies that get better the next day. My boys and me demolished them within one day, they're so more-ish!.