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Honey/Date Mahrash - Moroccan Honey/Date Bread - Mahrach aux dattes et miel-Pain Marocain!

This is Honey/Date Mahrash, very popular to be served during Ramadan in some southern Imazighen villages.  This is not quite a “quick” bread, yet easy to make if you have the patience of a home baker. The most taxing part of making this bread is chopping the dates, then place them in a saucepan on a low heat, adding some honey and orange blossom water. Once cooled, this mixture is to be transferred to the Mahrash dough to make the bread. This is the same recipe as the one I posted in my blog before, and which you'll find HERE . This bread has a delicious chewy texture flavoured with mouthfuls of yummy-jammy sweet majdoul dates, freshness added with orange blossom water perfume, and the whole goodness bread is kissed with pure honey. Definitely worth the work and the wait if you wish to give it a try! Mamatkamal